If the enterprise requires legal, accountancy or banking assistance while the McKenzie Trust has a shareholding then it strongly recommended that such assistance should be obtained through the firms represented by the relevant trustees at the time the service is required, at normal commercial rates, for a period

The applicant may buy back all of the shareholding, by giving written notice to the Trustees, at the following rates:

These multiples may occasionally be reduced if special circumstances warrant but applicants should appreciate that the Charity needs to replenish its funds so that new applicants can also be helped.

The McKenzie Trust shall hold the investment, if not repurchased as above, for a minimum period of five years. After five years from issue they shall be free to sell all or part of the shareholding to any other person or corporation, but will not do so at less than the amounts calculated above without the written permission of the applicant or his assigns.

The McKenzie Trust shall not be entitled to any remuneration by virtue of their shareholding other than dividends which are payable to all shareholders.