THE McKENZIE TRUST established by Deed dated 9th January 2001. Registered Charity No: 806.


The Trust was set up by the Donors with the following objects:

To foster the memory of the part the McKenzie family played in introducing the use of computers on the Island and the contribution they made to Manx business.

The First  Trustees

The Trustees

Company Secretary of the Marine & General Group of Companies handing over shares in the parent company to the trust.



The retiring Trustee

retire.jpg (21097 bytes)

Chairman of the McKenzie Trust, Captain Stuart McKenzie (right), pictured making a presentation of a set of goblets to David Clucas following his retirement as a trustee.  John Christian, manager at the Isle of Man Bank, has been appointed as his replacement


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John Christian, new banking trustee appointed 2002


070203-1.jpg (21589 bytes)

Presentation to Neil Hanson on his retirement as legal trustee.


The Chairman returning Manhattan Aviation's share certificate to Amy Duke

Also present Darren Gates of Manhattan and John Christian with Neil Hanson two of the Trustees closely involved with helping Manhattan expand their operation.